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SpectroShade FAQ

Before calling our support, please check if you find the answer in your FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) below:

What is SpectroShade?
SpectroShade is a comprehensive optic shade communication system. It can accurately and consistently measures shades of teeth, as well as communicating a total esthetics case plan from the dentist to the laboratory. This patented, Windows-based system allows images to be taken in any lighting or office condition. SpectroShade can substantially reduce chair time, while eliminating remakes due to shade or size.

Is SpectroShade available for sale?
Yes! Contact MHT for the sales representative nearest to you.

Is there any warranty with SpectroShade?
Absolutely, we include a full one-year warranty, which covers all parts and labor.

Does clinical experience exist with SpectroShade?
Yes, unlike any other shade-taking device we are conducting clinical studies at the University of Zurich. The two-phased study is currently being compiled and will be published when available.

How many teeth can I include in an image?
One tooth should be centered per image. Ensure that the tooth is centered in the yellow target box.

How many teeth can I take using SpectroShade?
SpectroShade's optic handpiece will allow you to take up to 20 teeth.

How do I recieve information from my dentist accounts? can recieve any information in three ways. Our unit will also write all the information to a CD-ROM (via the built-in CD burner), which you can recieve with the impression, or you can recieve a print out of the information in the form of a work order.

How do I verify that I took a correct image?
While this is simple, it is the most important step in the SpectroShade procedure. Check images so that the tooth is centered in the yellow target box. Do not utilize images that include opposing teeth, lips, and/or tongue.

Do my dentist accounts need to provide a shade to the laboratory?
Not at all, just ensure that the images were taken correctly and conduct a shade analysis at the lab. Since all the spectral data comes with the images, you can be assured of an accurate shade match.

How do I transfer information from my practice to the laboratory?
You can transfer any information in three ways. If you have an Internet connection you can choose to e-mail to the laboratory. Our unit will also write all the information to a CD-ROM (via the built-in CD burner), which you can send to the lab with the impression, or you can print out the information in the form of a work order.

As a Lab, what information will I receive from my dentist?
You will receive (via e-mail or CD-ROM) the completed work order, indicating the complete case plan, eliminating the need for any additional Rxs. This case plan includes all extra oral, full face, and smile pictures, spectral images and data plus the desired notes from the dentist. The tooth images include all the spectral data necessary for you to accurately take shade measurements. The dentist also has the option to include notes and/or measurements written directly on the tooth to highlight certain areas. All information can be printed out if you prefer a hard copy.

How will SpectroShade assist me in the fabrication of my cases?
SpectroShade makes it easy for the laboratory to create a total caseplan, including a shade match. Not only do the results tell you the closest shade match, it displays the difference between the closest porcelain shade and the patient's tooth in terms of Lightness (Value), Chroma, and Hue. The laboratory can take these differences into account when selecting the type of restorative material.

What happens if the standard I want to compare an image against isn't loaded into the system?
Contact the manufacturer and let them know of your request. MHT International would be more than happy to enter standards for any restorative material or shade system that our customers are utilizing.

As a laboratory, how can I ensure the shade I produced is correct?
Using SpectroShade to determine the shade is the primary step to ensure proper shade match. MHT has developed a mouth simulator so you can verify cases prior to them leaving the laboratory. The mouth simulator was designed to mimic the oral cavity, including adjacent teeth and gingival tissue.